The recruitment solution that is built on the knowledge of YOUR sector, YOUR company !

Knowledge of the Insurance sector

It is a very diversified sector that is composed of a very wide range of guarantees, with families and sub-families, whether in personal insurance or non-life insurance, property, casualty…

Recently, new challenges have been added to this complexity with, among others, new regulations, a new approach to the risks and all the challenges of 3.0 insurance.

In fact, insurers are now faced with a need for new managerial skills in addition to existing ones.

I will help you in your recruitment tasks

I will help you in your recruitment tasks for positions that I have held myself within international companies.

Senior executives such as CEOs/COOs, ExCom/Board members, executive committee members, Business unit/department managers.

Administrative executives (Underwriters, actuaries, service managers, compensation managers, KAM/Client Relationship Officers…)

Sales & Marketing executives, local or global

Support functions such as Human Resources, Communication, Finance, Legal, Procurement/Purchasing/Facilities…

Recruitment: Detecting good profiles and maximising the odds

Hiring is meant to fill a need for new skills in your company.

Now, the personality of the successful candidate will have a significant impact on the team, the image and the performance of your company.

By relying on a true specialist of the insurance industry, you will be maximising your chances of attracting and retaining the best skills in the market.

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