Hiring is meant to fill a need for new skills in your company.

Now, the personality of the successful candidate will have a significant impact on the team, the image and the performance of your company.

By relying on a true specialist of the assistance industry, you will be maximising your chances of attracting and retaining the best skills in the market.

There is an abundance of recruiting firms and consultants in the market but do you know one that is your natural partner ?
Very few can offer an expertise resulting from years of practice in your sector, across several companies, different divisions and successive evolutions.

My in-depth knowledge of the assistance industry has increased over my 35 years of service experience in large groups such as Groupama, AXA, Generali and Allianz and their Assistance branches or within major automobile-clubs, from operational positions to project manager, sales manager, international development, COO and CEO positions.

This is a key asset for fully understanding your recruitment issues.

It allows me to effectively advise you and inform you about the job market and the sought after profiles.
It also allows me to bring you a long-standing and continuously updated personal international network.

Entrusting me with your recruitment missions means:

A targeted and enlightened approach, with a precise methodology.

It is a time saving and hence money-saving guarantee for success.


Understanding client’s needs, business and culture

Taking into account the team structure and your specific needs.

Feasibility study

Analysing the key elements you have defined : Matching with the offers in the market, estimated salary of future candidates, targeting candidates outside Insurance/Assistance sectors or not, …

Draft proposal and Agreement/Contract

The draft proposal summarizes the outlines of the mission such as your specific needs, the candidates profiles, the schedule and the fee arrangement.

My fees are based :

Either as a percentage
of the total gross annual salary of the successful candidate (Amount estimated at the start of the mission and fine-tuned upon hiring).

Or as a fixed price
decided at the start of the mission.

In both cases, a down-payment of 30% is invoiced at the start of the mission, an extra 30% upon presentation of a shortlist of candidates. The balance is invoiced when the successful candidate is hired.

In case of multiple recruitment needs, an annual lump sum fee can be studied.

Describing the job

In cooperation with your HR manager : Detailed analysis of the job’s specificities (skills, responsibilities, positioning, experience…)

Hunting & pre-qualifying candidates

  • Define target profiles and target employers to investigate
  • Determine related organization charts, using scenarios
  • Identify potential target candidates
  • Confidentialy approach candidates by phone
  • Pre-qualify a number of candidates

Shortlist of pre-qualified candidates

  • Conduct interviews
  • Update/reset list of candidates when necessary
  • Work on the relation with the potential candidates to stimulate their curiosity and whet their appetite

Candidates interview, evaluation and selection

  • Submit shortlist of candidates to the client
  • Interviews with the client

Successful candidate integration and follow-up

  • Hiring of successful candidate
  • If no candidate hired, process starts again
  • If candidate hired, follow-up during full probation period
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